Why your skin loves sheetmasks

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Reap the benefits

The jury is still out as to whether sheet masks are a Japanese or Korean invention. However, the rise of sheet masks popularity should definitely be attributed to the Korean wave (Hallyu).Literally every K-drama features at least one dramatic sheet mask scene. 

Why are sheet masks so popular?

The immediate benefit of sheet masks is that they help boost your skin’s hydration levels by pushing moisture into your skin. Those who practice daily sheet masking, swear by the plump, glowing skin benefits.

When you open a sheet mask pack you will find the sheet mask in opaque or creamy liquid.This is the serum the sheet mask is soaked in. Many sheet mask brands are quite generous with their sheet mask serum. You may find quite a bit left in your package which you can use for your neck, decolette and other body parts that could use some nourishment.

Can I use any sheet masks?

It takes finding the right match for your skin to really reap the benefits of sheet masking. You will know when you have found the right mask for your skin because your skin will the GLOWING. Pick a mask made for your skin type, addresses your skin concerns and has ingredients that work well with your skin biology. Play around until you find the right combo and you will see amazing results.  

Sheet masks come in different ingredients with different functions. You will want to distinguish between function sheet masks and general sheet masks meant to moisturise and hydrate. General sheet masks can be used everyday. Function sheet masks should be used with 1-2 a week making sure that the ingredients in your sheet mask don’t clash with products in your daily skincare routine such as your moisturiser or serum. For example you do not want to be using an exfoliating sheet mask with active acids along with a Vitamin C Serum.

Make sure to wash and tone your face before applying your sheet mask and never let it dry on your face. A maximum of 15minutes is sufficient keeping in mind the climate and season you are in. After you’ve removed your sheet mask do not wash your face or you will lose all the lovely benefits of the sheet mask. After removing your sheet mask continue with your skincare routine by applying a moisturiser and eye cream to maximise sheet mask benefits.

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